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One of the reasons to explore Jakarta and Bali with a Java Private Tour is that you will experience many interesting experiences that have never been revealed throughout Java and Bali that you will not find if you use other tour companies, because Java Private Tour is an independent and private c...

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still operating and serving clients as usual, some tourist attractions are already open, for more detailed information you can consult us, and we will arrange it privately for you, and we recommend you to do a tour that is closely related to outdoor adventures...

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Outdoor activities that combine control in mastery on the Cigunung River route, West Java, will be very exciting because you are invited to test your reflexes and adrenaline.

River Tubing is an adventure along the river using rubber tires that will make ...

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In the Halimun Salak Mountain National Park, there are various types of fauna ecosystems contained in it, which are habitats for various types of rare and protected fauna. In the past, this area is very famous for being the habitat of the Javan Rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus), and the Javan Tiger (P...

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Adventure on one of Indonesias first via ferrata at Mount Parang, and challenge yourself to climb with steel wires and stairs to a height of 750 meters above sea level, this will be your most thrilling experience, supported by international standard quality equipment, and our professional guide i...

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The theme in this private tour is about getting to know Jakarta more closely, be it about Jakarta Culinary, Old Batavia Art and History, Architecture and various things about Jakarta culture and religion, Traditional Mar...

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la meilleure recommandation pour des services de transport privé de confiance sur toute l'île de Java.

(!) International Standard Transportation Services Specifically for Foreign Citizens

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Thousands of islands stretching from Sabang to Merauke make Indonesia a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Whether into the wild, climbing hills and mountains, conquering the highest peaks with the challenge of riding a bicycle downhill and exploring the beauty of valley.

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setahun lalu
Jalan - jalan ke Bandung bareng Java Private Tour asyik banget. Apalagi bareng Kak Edu yg super sabar & ganteng ;) Pokoknya the best laah!! Sukses terus buat Java Private Tour
- Eka R
setahun lalu
Saya sangat terkesan keliling Kota Tua bersama Java Private Tour. Mr Edu dan team sangat membantu mempelajari sejarah Kota Tua. Good Job Guys !!
- zur r
3 tahun lalu
very good service. sehari disedia 2 mineral water dan wifi. Dan yang terpenting guide yang sekaligus sebagai driver kami sangat ramah dan memiliki kemampuan bahasa inggris yang sangat bagus. keep up the good work Java Private Tour!
- dian a

Welcome To Java Island

Have you ever been to Jakarta-Bogor-Bandung-Yogyakarta-Surabaya-Malang-Banyuwangi (Java Island Indonesia)?,or just first visited?,or are planning to visit Jakarta-Bogor-Bandung-Yogyakarta-Surabaya-Malang-Banyuwangi (Java Island Indonesia)?

do not worry we will help plan your trip while in Jakarta-Bogor-Bandung-Yogyakarta-Surabaya-Malang-Banyuwangi (Java Island Indonesia)!

Java Private Tour Guide will provides private cars with private drivers/local guides to accompany you to have unforgettable journey.

Here you can choose to even design your own travel packages, with very flexible agenda, starting with Business Trip, Adventure, Nature, Culture, and art.

Our services including Rental Car With Driver Service ,Airport Transfer ,Business Travel Support ,Car with Driver And Interpreter ,Small Group / Big grup Sight-Seeing Tour With Your Private Guide or Tour Leader, And provides a tour bus.

Java Private Tour Guide which has been recommended by :

Also during the trip you will be accompanied by Travel Companion (Java Private Tour Guide) who is a trusted person who understands the ins and outs of the city.

You will feel arrive as a guest, and leave as a friend!

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